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  • Waterproof IPX7
  • External speakers (included)
  • Recessed (built-in) mount
  • Screen sizes 15.4″, 18.5″, 22″, 32″
  • Safely powered by 12V / 24V
  • Waterproof IPX5
  • Internal speakers
  • Recessed (built-in) mount
  • Screen sizes 18.5″, 22″, 32″
  • Safely powered by 12V / 24V
  • New 2016 Model Waterproof IPX5
  • Internal speakers
  • Surface mount
  • Screen sizes 22", 32", 40" and 50". Available in Ultra HD 4K.
  • Safely powered by 12V-24V

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Model 2016.






Ultra HD (4K) resolution for the 32" and 40" models.  

Convenient HDMI CEC, ARC and EDID technology (32" and 40" only)

Mounts flat against the wall without any space between the wall and the TV.

Made of durable, polished stainless  steel.  Blends in easily with the rest of the bathroom

Sealed cable compartment to protect the connectors from water and moisture

Sealed set-top box compartment.  Use the set-top box you like:  Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, DirecTV etc.

TV operates safely  on 12-24 volts.

Integrated speakers

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Easy and hassle free installation

The Evervue TK HDTV is designed for the convenience of surface mounting. However the TK HDTV has the flexibility to be mounted on a bracket as well as flat against the walls surface (The Evervue TK HDTV fits most universal brackets). The TK model has four mounting hooks on the back which enables you to mount the TV flat on a wall without unattractive space between the TV and wall.

The exposed sides of the TV are the same color as the face of the TV providing a smooth, silky finish. All installation and specification guides are available for easy download on our website and installation technical support is available via phone and email.

Effortless Shine

The Evervue TK Bathroom HDTV makes cleaning easy. With its smooth tempered glass finish, simply use your favorite household glass cleaner and your TV will look showroom ready every time. Designed with strength and durability it can withstand day to day use without losing its beauty or appeal.

Infinite Versatility

The Evervue TK is a perfect fit for any location. With built-in speakers and our easiest mounting option, you can add entertainment to your room in moments.

Expertly designed to be seen from any angle but compact enough to fit in the tighest of spaces, the TK is always an excellent addition to your home. Try directly over a spa, hot tub, walk-in closet or even on a yacht for a convenient way to keep updated on all your favorite sports or news events.

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You can connect all popular TV boxes to the Evervue Kitchen TV such as Apple TV, Fire TV, or the TV box of you local cable supplier. The EVercvue TK has a sealed compartment for the set top box.

With the built in IR extender, you can use the IR receiver of the TV to control your TV box, so you can install the TV box in a cabinet, out of sight, and still control with the remote controller.

Technical Specifications

TK Series
TV dimensions TK220 TK320 TK400 TK500
A 22" 32" 42" 50"
B 20” / 510mm 29” / 730mm 35” / 900mm 45” / 1140mm
C 12.2” / 310mm 17” / 430mm 20” / 510mm" 26” / 660mm
D 1.96” / 50mm
Net Weight 21.5LBS / 9.8KG 38.0LBS / 17.3KG 26.9LBS / 24.7KG 79.4LBS/ 36.1KG
TK Series
TK220 TK320 TK400 TK500
Suggested Retail Price $799.00 $1,499.00 $1,999.00 $2,599.00
Resolution Full HD (1080P) Ultra HD (4K, 3840 x 2160) Ultra HD (4K, 3840 x 2160) Ultra HD (4K, 3840 x 2160)
IP Rating IPX5
Operating Voltage 12 volt 24 volt
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Ventilation Passive
Inputs 2 x HDMI, power, IR, dry contact
Outputs Audio (3.5mm plug, non-amplified)
EDID Switch 2.0 No Yes

Installation instructions

No space between the wall and the back of the TV!

Conveniently located on the back of the TK HDTV are 4 mount holes which allow you to hang the TV directly against the wall. The TK HDTV enables easy installation without having to remodel your space.

4 wall mount hook openings to mount the TV flat against the wall without any space. On the back there is a sealed splash water resistant compartment to protect the cable connections.

Looking For a Mirror TV in your Bathroom?

With our MirrorVue Product line, we offer custom made mirrors, with a LED HD TV built inside. These custom pieces are designed to be used as bathroom vanity mirrors. Thanks to their waterproof capability, they can also be placed on a shower wall or near the bathroom tub for your convenience. They not only make excellent bathroom TV's but also double as a shaving or makeup mirror when needed. Find out which product is best suited for your space today!

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