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  • Waterproof IPX7
  • External speakers (included)
  • Recessed (built-in) mount
  • Screen sizes 15.4″, 18.5″, 22″, 32″
  • Safely powered by 12V / 24V
  • Waterproof IPX5
  • Internal speakers
  • Recessed (built-in) mount
  • Screen sizes 18.5″, 22″, 32″
  • Safely powered by 12V / 24V
  • Waterproof IPX5
  • Internal speakers
  • Surface mount
  • Screen size 18.5″
  • Safely powered by 12V

Evervue SP
Ingenious Bathroom TV Technology

Imagine transforming your home spa into a soothing tropical oasis all with the touch of a button! With the Evervue SP Bathroom HDTV, you are guaranteed to get such exceptional HD picture quality that you will feel like you are transported to your chosen destination in moments.

The Evervue SP HDTV is fully waterproof, equipped with a seamless, ultra-bright LED screen that is fog-free and protected by a strong, tempered mirror glass front. This waterproof HD TV has a regal onyx style mirror glass finish when turned off and a high definition television when turned on. Choose between 15.4″, 18.5″, 22″ and 32″ TV screen sizes for the smallest or largest of bathroom spaces.

No matter where you place the SP series, feel confident your family is protected with the highest waterproof IPX7 rating. Our TV systems are designed with precision and have a unique low voltage system, integrating only the best in safety and elegance for any bathroom décor.

The Evervue SP Series comes complete with a floating waterproof remote control, waterproof external speakers and a flawless mirror glass finish designed to captivate attention from even the most discerning of guests. No matter the design of your bathroom, the SP HDTV is truly a dazzling upgrade to any bathroom.

Convenient Installation

Installation is simplified with the SP Series HD TV, which comes with a fitted aluminum rustproof back box that can be recessed in the location of your choice. Secure the back box to the wall and simply glide the TV unit into the wall box.

The full mirror glass front closes against the wall to provide a flawless finish. Add the final touch by the sealing the edges of the mirror glass front to the wall with a smooth stroke of silicon glue and your spa cinema is ready for use!

Steam Free HD Picture Quality

Fog just met its match with the Evervue SP Series. With specialized engineering our screens remain clear no matter how steamy you prefer it. With its heated fog free construction you never have to let bathroom mist cloud your vision again!

Limitless Locations

Executed with precision, the SP series dares to go where no television has gone before. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, strengthened mirror glass front and aluminum power coated TV housing; the Evervue SP is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions.

Like many top resort destinations around the world, you too can place your SP near a hot tub, shower or sauna for a relaxing way to enjoy all your favorite programs all from the comfort of your own home. Your SP will continue to provide your family with entertainment and excitement for years to come!

Effortless Shine

The Evervue SP Bathroom HDTV makes cleaning a pleasure. With its smooth tempered glass finish, simply use your favorite household glass cleaner and your TV will look showroom ready every time. Designed with strength and durability it can withstand day to day use without losing its beauty or appeal.

Leave Your Mark

For those special projects where customization is necessary, no need to look further. The Evervue SP can include IPTV, RS-232 for smart home automation and anti-theft solutions. We can even place your personalized logo in the startup screen so your clients can be captivated from the moment they press the on button. Not sure if we have what you need? Just ask one of our specialists and we will be happy to assist you.

Use it your Way!

You can stream the latest in entertainment straight from your smart phone or tablet with the EZ Cast. EZ Cast makes it a breeze to watch all your favorite programs without having to mess with any bulky wires. You can also connect your Apple TV, Dish TV and Android TV and then use the IR receiver to control the box so you can store it out of sight. Get all the convenience of modern day electronics without any of the cumbersome, unattractive traces that usually come with it.

Technical Specifications

SP 154 SP 185 SP 220 SP 320
TV dimensions
A Screen Size 15.4" 18.5" 22" 32"
B Length 480mm / 18.9" 557mm / 22.0" 600mm / 23.6" 950mm / 37.4"
C Height 330mm / 13.0" 381mm / 15.0" 422mm / 16.1" 600mm / 23.6"
D Depth 40mm / 1.6" 40mm / 1.6" 40mm / 1.6" 50mm / 2.0"
Wall Box dimensions
E 420mm / 16.5" 518mm / 20.4" 590mm / 23.2" 904mm / 35.6"
F 302mm / 11.9" 340mm / 13.5" 395mm / 15.6" 553mm / 21.8"
G 45mm / 1.8" 45mm / 1.8" 45mm / 1.8" 60mm / 2.4"
Specifications SP 154 SP 185 SP 220 SP 320
TV Display LED
IP Rating IPX7
Operating Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
Passive Ventilation Yes
Resolution 720P 1080P
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Inputs HDMI, Power, USB
Outputs Audio L & R, IR
Audio External Speakers 2 x 10 Watt, Mylar speakers
Net weight 7.6KG / 16.7 LBS 9.4KG / 20.7 LBS 11KG / 24.2 LBS 24.2KG / 53.2 LBS
Energy Rating A+ B
SP 154 datasheet SP 185 datasheet SP 220 datasheet SP 320 datasheet

Installation instructions

Installation has never been this easy! Our TV’s come with an aluminum rustproof back box that is recessed wherever you decide to place your SP Series HDTV. Secure the back box to the wall and simply slide the TV unit into the wall box. The full mirror glass front closes against the wall (tiles) providing a seamless finish. Complete the process by sealing the edge of the mirror glass front to the wall with a smooth stroke of silicon glue and you are done!

Download Manual

Looking For a Mirror TV in your Bathroom?

With our MirrorVue Product line, we offer custom made mirrors, with a LED HD TV built inside. These custom pieces are designed to be used as bathroom vanity mirrors. Thanks to their waterproof capability, they can also be placed on a shower wall or near the bathroom tub for your convenience. They not only make excellent bathroom TV’s but also double as a shaving or makeup mirror when needed. Find out which product is best suited for your space today!

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