• The ultimate tool for exceptional cuisine
  • Culinary convenience to fit your kitchen needs
  • Advanced slim display to maximize your space
  • Easy cleaning with complete waterproof design
  • Keep the kitchen time exciting with all your favorite programs
  • Stress-free installation
  • Save appliance operated by 12 volts
  • Customization options available
  • Access to all the latest movies, music and recipes from the comfort of your kitchen

Mouth watering picture quality

With the Evervue Kitchen HDTV you will experience exceptional HD picture quality all from the comfort of your own kitchen.

The front panel is made of solid stainless steel and the TV wall box is made of aluminum to prevent potential rusting or oxidation.

The LED panel is protected by a strong, durable, tempered glass finish.

The inside of the TV has all high quality components that allow you to enjoy your dazzling TV for many, many years to come.

Easy and hassle free installation

With the Evervue Kitchen HDTV installation will be easy and hassle free. The TV comes standard with a back box that can be installed inside your cabinet, a cabinet door, or anywhere you decide to place the TV. Once you have chosen an area, simply slide the TV unit into the wall box and you’re done!

The Evervue Kitchen HDTV has 3 HDMI inputs that allows you to connect different TV boxes at the same time. Apple TV, Android TV, or a TV box from your local TV supplier.

In addition, the TV comes with built in, high quality speakers for excellent audio. You may also connect external speakers which is recommended for large kitchens, or you can connect the TV to your home cinema system which allows you to choose which audio capability you would prefer.

With the Evervue Kitchen HDTV there are many great options to greet your guests with style, creating the perfect eat-in atmosphere for your space!

Carefree cooking

The Evervue Kitchen TV, with its durable and waterproof design allows for easy cleaning and simple care.

Just wipe down with a wet cloth or alcohol solution and enjoy all the benefits of having your very own Media Kitchen companion. Mastering the art of culinary perfection just became effortless.

Perfect fit for
every kitchen

The Evervue Kitchen TV is available in two convenient sizes, 18.5″ and 22″ diagonal screen sizes. The LT220 has a width of 595mm/23.8″ engineered to fit seamlessly with other stainless steel appliances.

The LT185 has the ideal shape to be placed in most cabinet openings and best of all, thanks to its slim depth, you can still open the door and have access to your cabinet space.

You may even place in the wall above the countertop for a central location to view all your favourite recipes and programs. Purchase a brand new Evervue Kitchen TV today and watch how quickly the kitchen becomes your perfect destination after a long day.

Your content
near you

You can connect all popular TV boxes to the Evervue Kitchen TV such as Apple TV, Fire TV, or the TV box of you local cable supplier.

With the built in IR extender, you can use the IR receiver of the TV to control your TV box, so you can install the TV box in a cabinet, out of sight, and still control with the remote controller.

Stream content wirelessly. A popular feature on the Evervue Kitchen TV is the EZ Cast. With EZ cast you can stream the content of your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC directly the your Kitchen TV. Quickly, easy and wireless.

Looking for a made-to-size Kitchen TV solution?

With Mirrorvue we offer a complete solution for made to size TV that is also suitable for use in the kitchen.