No matter how steamy your bathroom, our optional defoggers will keep your mirror crystal clear by warming the back of the mirror glass. Choose the size and shape that best suits your mirror. We offer 3 different shapes/sizes to make your MirrorVue truly unique. You can install up to 4 defoggers on your MirrorVue and safely power them by 12VDC which can be controlled separately or together with your light switch. So turn up the heat and watch the fog on your mirror disappear in seconds!



Add visual impact to your MirrorVue with our LED Back Lighting. Using the remote control, you can adjust the LED lighting of your mirror to any color and brightness. Set it to any color you like or let it change colors continuously. Additionally, download Evervue’s exclusive App. And conveniently control the LED Back Lighting using your smart phone or tablet. You can now control your LED Back Lighting from across the room with your smart device without anyone knowing.

For ideal installation, your mirror should be positioned 1-2 inches (2.5 –5 cm) from the wall to acquire the best lighting effect. We offer optional wall mounting to hang a mirror against the wall with our recommended distance.



The Media Outlet MB-30 provides you with access to the HDMI, USB, Network, VGA, AV/Component of your bathroom TV, Mirrorvue ir DEcovue. The Media Outlet MB-30 can be recessed installed in the closet or wall.


Evervue Bathroom TV is now compatible with EZCast.

With EZ Cast you can simply stream all content form your iPhone or Android and Windows phone to your Evervue Bathroom TV or your Mirrorvue. Simple connect EZCast to your HDMI input and you can share photos, watch movies, listen to music or play games on your phone and see on your TV. Everything you do on your smartphone, you can now mirror to your bathroom TV or Mirror TV. YouTube, Netflix, news apps and much, much more.

Supported systems: IPhone IOS, Android, MAC IOS, Windows 8 and higher.


Android TV can be connected to your bathroom TV or MirrorVue with a LAN cable or wirelessly through your Wi-Fi network. Your Android box can be installed behind the TV or in another room and controlled remotely from the IR receiver built inside the TV. You can access all functions and capabilities through our waterproof Wave remote control or optional commercial-grade stainless steel keyboard.



This recessed mount keyboard can be installed anywhere you like. Strong stainless weatherproof construction. Connecting a keyboard to your Evervue Android TV will give you better access to the many applications you can use.
For example typing email messages.

Size (Width x Length) : 400 mm x 125mm / 15.75" x 4.9"


Experience the sleek capability of the Octo-500, a compact wireless handheld device which replaces the need to carry around a bulky keyboard, mouse, game console or remote control. You can even use the Octo-500 as a Skype Phone, simply plug in your headset and use the built in microphone.
It’s slender and lightweight design comes complete with rechargeable lithium batteries. Equipped with RF capability, just attach the tiny receiver directly to your TV through its USB port and enjoy a wireless walking range of up to 15 feet (5 meters). With the Octo-500 you can stroll through the electronic world with complete functionality and freedom. Get yours today!


Feel free to splash around with our newly designed Evervue Splash Speakers series. These water resistance speakers provide crisp, high-quality sound and are perfect for those high moisture areas where no conventional speaker dares to go.

Our Evervue Splash speakers provide high quality audio in any bathroom.

The Mylar technology guarantees excellent audio quality in any bathroom or anywhere moisture or water splashes are an issue.


Enhance your Evervue experience and enjoy concert hall audio quality with our Made in USA, Evervue Splash Premium Speakers. With our Splash Premium Speakers you can add an extra dimension to your Evervue bathroom experience.

The speakers can be recessed mounted and come standard with a stylish white grille front and a 20’ (6 meters) premium audio cable. The premium splash speakers are compatible with all Evervue TV’s.


· Stay connected to all your favorite programs in style with the IPX6 Rated Waterproof Aqua Remote! A perfect fit for Spas, Pools, Hot Tubs and Showers.

· With the most up to date technology available, the Aqua Remote is first in its class when it comes to precision, convenience and waterproof capability.

· Each remote is fully equipped with two, movable suction cup holders so you're never left wondering where the remote went... Just place near the bathtub, in the shower or against the mirror for easy access and mobility.

· Designed for effortless installation, the Aqua Remote has Learning Function Capabilities that will work with almost any TV or Infrared Device. Just sit back, relax and enjoy with settings like Volume Lock and Sleep Timer at your fingertips!


Stay connected with the RS-232 Serial Port! This component makes installation easy for Smart Home Automation. RS-232 is a hardwired, locking connection system that allows high-end AV components to communicate with each other rapidly and efficiently. RS-232 is the AV industry standard for High-Tech coordination using peripheral interface roles.


The Evervue IR-30 Repeater allows you to connect a Satellite Box, Decoder Box, DVD player and Blue Ray Player to your bathroom TV. Access the same functionalities as a regular TV while concealing all your extra devices.


Extend the location of the power supply by using the 5 FT (150cm) Power Supply Extension Cable. Use this power supply extension cable to keep the power supply safe from being exposed to water and/or moisture. You can connect up to 3 extension cables to extent the distance the power supply is located to the TV unit.

Due to installation variables, this cable can connected to your power supply to extend the distance of its location. Please seal any connection points during installation of this product. The power supply extension cable is compatible with all Evervue/MirrorVue/DecoVue low voltage TV’s.


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